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There's nothing more important to me than allowing you and your guests to be fully immersed in your wedding experience, sipping on champagne, enjoying the fresh evening air, and dancing the night away. I believe a wedding planner's job is to create a seamless, personalized design and pair it with a perfectly executed experience that allows you to relax.


joyful memories

Why pour hours of planning and thousands of dollars into something you aren't willing to protect with the insurance of a planner.

Truly your wedding is an investment and my job is to make sure all the pieces seamlessly work together.

It's so important to me that your wedding is actually enjoyable, and not stressful.

Cookie cutter weddings aren't something I do. Each wedding is truly personalized to both of your cultures and personalities.

Here's my philosophy...

Greta is single handedly the reason that our wedding was so smooth, seamless, and stress free.

alexis b.



i'm a wife, twin mom, and sweatshirt addict

I've always been a Type A personality and I honed in on that skill combined with being very good at coming up with routines and systems that make life easier to found Greta David Events. I love helping couples plan and execute their dream wedding day that reflects their love story! The most rewarding part of my day is seeing my clients smile when they see each other for the first time on wedding day because no matter how pretty a room is, the love story is always more important. That being said, it is still pretty awesome to see my clients' reactions to the impeccably designed reception we collaboratively put together! Some important things to know about me are that I love making people happy, I love organization and cohesion, and I am passionate about people knowing that they are loved and cared for. 

I have the ability to make you feel like you are my only client.

From the invitations to the ceremony and reception decor, we will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life for a fun family affair. 

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